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E-Liquid Manufacturing & Co-Packaging

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the e-liquid manufacturing company, Liquid Labs.
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Who We Are

Our team offers an affordable way to make your wildest DIY dreams come true. When it comes to DIY we got you covered A to Z.

We are all veteran vapors that made a decision to give back to the vape community, while also expanding our growing business.

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What We Do

Our team will handle the manufacturing of your product in a professional environment. All mixologists should be focused on mixing new flavors, while we handle the rest.

Our GMP compliant ISO 7 lab will provide a clean environment for the mixing and bottling of your e-liquids. Our fully functional eLiquid bottling machine will service the filling, capping and labeling of your e-liquids. Liquid Labs brings an environment with state of the art technology to keep your mind at ease.

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Why Choose Us

Our dedicated staff believes in a professional and affordable way to manufacture your e-liquids in a clean environment.

We don’t price match with other companies, we simply beat their prices; while still maintaining the same state of the art equipment.

The Team

at Liquid Labs.

James Fusaro


Vishal Naik

Lab Director

Dean Pasqua

Marketing Director

Lauren Hunter

Account Manager